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Couples therapy is unique in that it gives partners an opportunity to witness each other’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a safe, contained space that might not currently exist in their daily lives. In our work together, I aim to help couples develop the individual insight and self-awareness necessary to understand, repair, strengthen their relationship. It is my hope that partners will then feel more equipped to work together as a team when addressing their challenges and learn to prioritize the needs of their relationship.

I work with couples seeking help for a range of needs including communication dynamics, sex and intimacy, sexuality, boundary management, conflict, life transitions, financial hardship, building emotional closeness and much more. I am a LGBTQ+ affirmative therapist and work with couples of all sexual orientations.

Couples work can be extremely beneficial at any point in the relationship, not just when challenges/conflict exist. I often work with couples who are seeking proactive therapeutic work in order to deepen their understanding of one another, enrich their emotional intimacy, and improve their existing communication and listening skills within the relationship. One of the most important aspects of any relationship is creating a safe space for clear and direct communication. I’ve found that couples who set aside a dedicated time within their week to talk openly and directly about their relationship goals, needs and challenges (either in a therapy setting, or on their own) feel more connected and understood.


Carrie Rutman, Registered Associate MFT, AMFT125151 Under supervision of Oliver Drakeford, LMFT, CGP, LMFT104987,

Couples sessions are a distinct therapeutic opportunity to deepen both verbal and nonverbal connection with your partner.

Relationship can be a gateway to immense growth and discovery, with new joys and challenges at every stage. Yet the excitement of this shared adventure often gets dampened by unprocessed grief, dysfunctional communication and even social or family pressures.

I am here to walk with you and help you create your authentic partnership. I am here to help you release toxic patterns and offer strategies that promote both individual and shared satisfaction.

Whether you are in a longterm union or new relationship, let’s find out how you and your partner can join together in honesty, trust and intimacy.

I have current openings in my office in West Hollywood and online, both daytime and evening options to fit your and your partner’s busy lives

Keaton Flicker, Registered Associate MFT{#127194} Under supervision of Oliver Drakeford, LMFT, CGP, LMFT104987,


Worried your relationship is drifting apart?

Things used to be so exciting and easy. Now nothing seems right. Maybe your days have become routine, you're arguing too much, there's been infidelity, or worse.

It's so frustrating!

You're both smart, passionate, and intuitive, but you still can't figure out what's wrong, and nothing you try seems to help.

You deserve more!

I help couples discover better ways to break through communication gridlock, repair relationship ruptures, and develop a deeper connection so they can get back to the fulfilling and successful lives they deserve.

I see clients in person at my West Hollywood / Beverly Hills office, or online anywhere in California.


Philip Douglas Lewis, M.A., Registered AMFT #135110 - Employed and supervised by Oliver Drakeford, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #10498

At the foundation of all our relationships is the ability to communicate effectively. When we are able to express our thoughts, feelings and ideas about each other, to each other, in a way that is understood by the other, we start to feel closer and more connected. In your romantic relationship there is a deep need to be understood and connected that I strive to help you experience in my sessions.

I frequently work with LGBTQ Couples and Families with same-sex parents. Having studied in the LGBTQ Specialization at Antioch University, and having been the Clinical Director of an adolescent treatment center, I have an abundance of experience and training in this area. LGBTQ families and LGBTQ+ couples may benefit from working with a family therapist who is trained in affirmative therapy.

​If you are looking for Couples Therapy In West Hollywood please contact me. My office is close to West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.


Oliver Drakeford, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #104987.

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